Efficacy of Improved Tools for Farm Women toward Drudgery Reduction and Efficiency Enhancement

Alka Singh, Rakesh Kumar Yadav and Dhananjai Singh


Women constitute almost half of the work force engaged in agriculture. Many agricultural operations and household<br />activities performed by women involve a lot of physical strain, which create serious health problems in the long run.<br />Hence, a study was conducted to assess the efficiency of improved tools designed for farm women viz. tubular maize<br />sheller, hanging type double screen grain cleaner (hanging sieve), groundnut decorticator, manual twin wheel hoe<br />and serrated sickle over conventional one. Twenty farmwomen were selected for the study. Tubular maize sheller<br />shelled maize cob 25.8kg/hr. Hanging sieve showed decreased cardiac cost of worker (8.41 beats/ kg) when<br />compared with local sieve. Groundnut decorticator on output basis increased to the extent of 10 fold over hand<br />shelling. Wheel hoe saved 40.9 per cent cardiac cost of worker and the weed intensity was also found to reduce by<br />33.8 per cent. 21 per cent of working efficiency increased by using serrated sickle. The results help them to choose<br />appropriate tools during agricultural operations to save time, energy and reduce drudgery.

Keyword: Tubular maize sheller; Groundnut decorticator; Manual twin wheel hoe; Serrated sickle; Hanging type double screen grain cleaner.

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