Utilization Pattern of Various Sources of Information for the Awareness of “Swachh Bharat Mission” in Meerut District

Rohit C. Walake, D.K. Singh, R.N. Yadav and L.B. Singh


This study was conducted in Meerut district of Western Uttar Pradesh which was selected purposively. The data was collected from 80 respondent’s . In inter-personal communication section, learning material in the form of books (87.50%), competitions and challenges (80.00%) and door to door outreach (67.50%). In ambient media section, both graffiti (58.75%) and hoardings (31.25%) were using frequently by the respondents. In mass media section, television ads and programmes (52.50%), newspapers (36.25%), radio ads and programmes (8.75%) and magazines (1.25%), the respondents were using them frequently. Moreover, magazines (95.00%), radio ads and programmes (80.00%), newspapers (26.25%) and television ads and programmes (13.75%), the respondents never used them. In digital media section, online coverage on blogs (96.25%), mobile applications (88.75%), social media (70.00%) and IVR/SMS/Call campaigns (51.25%), the respondents never used them. In hard assets section, maximum respondents were aware of paintings drawn on individual household latrines (IHHL) as they were noticing it occasionally (56.25%) followed by frequently (40.00%). In soft assets section, SBM logo on Currency notes (31.25%) and SBM logo on trains (30.00%), the respondents were noticing it frequently. So, majority of the respondents had medium level of awareness (91.25%) followed by low level of awareness (6.25%) and remaining only few had high level of awareness (2.50%) regarding Swachh Bharat Mission.

Keyword: Swachh Bharat Mission; Information; Education and Communication; Awareness; Utilization pattern;

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