Assessment of Farmers' Knowledge about Safe Handling Practices of Dairy Animals

Balpreet Singh, Jaspreet Singh and Vijay Lakshmi Sharma


Prevalence of zoonoses is high in India because of close contact to animals and traditional food consumption customs. Farmers are at the top of this risk because of direct contact with animals. Farmers’ unawareness about the dangers of zoonoses can leads to severe health problems. Knowledge about safe animal keeping is a key to understanding how to take sensible precautions against health hazards. With the aim to assess the knowledge about safe dairy animal keeping, a cross-sectional study was conducted in four villages of district Gurdaspur. Study tool used was questionnaire containing 24 items. 200 farmers responded to the questionnaire. The analysis of data, revealed mean knowledge score for the farmers to be 15.80. Results showed significant negative correlation was between knowledge score and age of respondents. Similarly positive correlation was found between knowledge score and education status. Knowledge about safe animal keeping depends upon gender, training status and number of animals. Specific seminars and practical training of the farmers regarding safe animal keeping is needed to bring about changes in the agricultural practices in India

Keyword: Farmers' Knowledge; Dairy animals; Zoonoses; Occupational health;

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