Performance of Agricultural Livelihood Security of the Farmers : Tribal Sub Plan Executed by CAU, Imphal in Meghalaya

Deepa Thangjam, J.K. Chauhan, R.J. Singh, Ram Singh and L. Hemochandra


Livelihood security is the access to adequate basic needs for sustaining life such as food, clothing, shelter. In order to improve the livelihood security and socio-economic status of the farmers, Central Agricultural University (CAU), Imphal has taken up Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) project in Meghalaya during the crop year 2016-17. The present study was taken up to evaluate the performance of TSP with respect to the livelihood security of the beneficiary farmers. The research was carried out in two districts of Meghalaya, namely, Ri-bhoi district and West Garo Hill district respectively. The Tribal Agricultural Development Index (TADI) was developed to evaluate the performance of TSP. In vehemently, the study unveiled that nearly 70% of the respondents were in the range of 0.4-0.7 apropos of TADI values which could infer that TSP had moderately benefitted the tribal beneficiary farmers.

Keyword: Livelihood security; TSP; Socio-economic; TADI; Beneficiary farmers

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