Culture of Clarias Magur Using Non Conventional Animal Protein Feed: A Case from North Eastern Region of India

Shah Mustahid Hussain, Sushanta Borthakur , D. Sarma, Mahesh Pathak, Abhinash Moiranangthem and Jitendra K. Chauhan


A multi locational trials on culture of Clarias magur using some Non Conventional Animal Protein feedwas carried out to evaluate the Specific growth rate (SGR), Feed conversion ratio (FCR), Protein efficiency ratio (PER) and consumer preference of the cultured fish during two successive years 2019-2020 in North Eastern region of India. The study revealed that Clarias magur can be cultured with nonconventional animal protein like vermi meal and chicken viscera meal. The results of the study reflected that 100% replacement of fish meal can be done with chicken viscera without affecting the growth performance of the fishes. The feed conversion ratio ranged 1.5 to 1.75 for the fishes grown by feeding with meal based diets and 1.54 and 1.77 for chicken viscera meal diets.

Keyword: Clarias magur; Specific growth rate; Feed conversion ratio; Protein efficiency ratio;

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