Study of Behavioural Traits of Grape Exporters in Maharashtra

Nikam Vinayak Ramesh and Premlata Singh


Many farmers from Maharashtra have become successful grape exporter by associating themselves to organizations like Mahagrapes. Study was conducted with ninety grape growers from Nashik, Sangli and Pune district of Maharashtra, who were members of cooperatives associated with the Mahagrapes organization. While studying socioeconomic and behavioral traits of these farmers it was observed 56 per cent members belonged to medium age category. In case of education 34.4 per cent members had completed their graduation and average annual income obtained was Rs. 13.32 lakh. About 15.5 per cent of total members were small and marginal, while 50 per cent belonged to semi medium (2.1-4 ha) land holding category. Productivity of grapes at members’ field was 11.78 tons per acre. Members showed higher level of achievement motivation and self confidence. Productivity of grapes was positively and significantly correlated with the annual income, material possession, achievement motivation and self confidence of the member farmers.

Keyword: Mahagrapes; Socioeconomic profile; Behavioural traits;

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