Involvement of Farm Women in Decision Making of Dairy Farm Activities in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh

N. Leela Krishna , A. Anitha and M. Muralidhar


An investigation was conducted to study the involvement of farm women in decision making of different dairy farm activities in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh .A total of 225 farm women were selected based on their land holding capacity. The study revealed that majority of the women in the study area took part in decision making on most of the dairy farm activities such as choosing the breed of the animal (68%), taking loans (79.11), purchase/ sale of animals (81.33), insurance of animals (77.77%), culling of animals (69.33%), construction of sheds (70.22%), farm expansion (72%), feeding of animals (77.33%), breeding practices ( 66.22%) health care of animals (87.55%), management of new born calves ( 88%), pregnant (87.11%) and sick (86.22%) animals, utility of dung(59.11%), adoption of scientific management practices( 55.55%) and sale of milk(73.33%), whereas majority (69.33%) of the women in study area were taking self decision regarding preparation of milk products. The study showed that among the landless, small and medium farmer categories the participation in decision making regarding choosing the breed of animal(74.66%), purchase or sale of animals(86.66%),insurance of animals (86.65%), culling of uneconomic animals (81.33%), construction of sheds (82.66%), farm expansion (76%), purchase of roughages and feeding of animals (86.66%), breeding practices (81.33%), utility of dung (69.33%) and adoption of scientific management practices (62.66%) was more in landless women compared to small and medium farmer categories.

Keyword: Women; Dairy; Decision-making; Management practices; Milk disposal.

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