Measuring the Perceived Attributes of Simple but Worth Chaff Cutter Technology Adopted by Dairy Entrepreneurs

Sangram Chavan, D.S. Deshmukh V.V. Karande


The acute shortage of feeds and fodder is one of the major obstacles to dairy development in India.This study was conducted in Marathwada region of Maharashtra state by personally interviewing 120 dairy farmers. Perceived attributes of the technology in the study were relative advantage, compatibility, complexity and practicability or demonstrability. Here in relative advantage, the technology was perceived as more expensive, giving wider benefit, exorbitant in net profitability, consistency in profit and time saving. In spite of its dependency factor, technology was perceived as feasible, acceptable, and recognizable as compare to past experience of feeding unchaffed fodder because it helps to maintain animal health by proper utilization of fodder and environmental welfare by avoiding wastage of fodder. Though technology was perceived as more complex, its rate of adoption is still more because of factors like labour saving, abundant in resource complexity, adoptable in application complexity and easier in cognitive complexity. It is practicable as chaffing of fodder and its effect on production can be easily observed and trials can be taken. Hence being a proven technology, chaffing needs to be popularised, especially in those areas where it is not yet practised. Government intervention is needed in the form of incentives to promote the manufacturing of chaff cutters and subsidizes their distribution to farmers.

Keyword: Chaffing, Feed utilization, Fodder, Perceived attributes;

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