Impact of e-choupal on Information Empowerment of Rural People of Rajasthan

Simple Jain


ITC’s e-Choupal is internet kiosk, village gathering place and e-Commerce hub all rolled into one. It caters to the information needs of the farmers at their doorstep by bridging the information and service gap of rural India. It also established a low- cost fulfillment system focused on the needs of rural India, which helps in mitigating rural isolation, create more transparency for farmers, and improve their productivity and income. e-Choupal provides information on agriculture, health, insurance and education. The effectiveness of these services depends upon how well they are being known by rural people. Thus the present research was designed to study the knowledge of rural people about e-Choupal and its services. The present study was conducted in four districts namely Ganga Nagar, Kota, Bharatpur, and Chittorgarh of Rajasthan. Two Panchayat samities from each district and two villages from each Panchayat samiti were selected on random basis. For studying the impact, one village from each selected district, where e-Choupal is not functioning was selected. The sample consisted of 160 women and 160 men users and 40 women and 40 men non users of e-Choupal. Personal interview technique was used for collecting data. The data were analyzed by using frequency, per centage, mean per cent score and Z test. The findings of the study clearly indicated that users (13.4, 26.0, 58.1, 71.5, 81.9 MPS) had more knowledge than nonusers (0.0, 12.7, 35.3, 42.9 MPS) in all the five services i.e. agriculture, insurance, health, education and entertainment. Thus the e- Choupal has made significant impact in terms of information empowerment of rural people

Keyword: e-Choupal; Information empowerment

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