Effect of COVID-19 on Socio-economic Status of Entrepreneurs Engaged in Mithila painting

Aparna Kumari and Rupal Babel


Mithila painting is a business or source of income of the artist around the Mahbubani district of northern Bihar. Livelihood of these people depend on this painting but during COVID-19 pandemic these artists faced many troubles because all shops were closed due to the lockdown and tourists could not visit here, so it worstly affected their selling of products. The socioeconomic status of entrepreneur is combination of economic and sociology that measure total work experience of an individual or whole family income and social position in community. High socioeconomic status enhances the social standing of entrepreneur in community. The activity of entrepreneur depends on economic, social and psychological factors. A structured questionnaire method was used for collection information from Mithila’s painting professional artist and specialist. The study was carried out in Madhubani district of Bihar. For the analysis, a total of 60 samples of female were taken from 2 blocks i.e. Rahika and Rajnagar of Madhubani district. Results of the research investigation are showed that Majority of respondents have significant changed in their family occupation, ownership of fixed assets, farm assets and annual income between before and during crisis. Finding revealed that Majority (83.33%) of respondents diverted Mithila painting in mask making during pandemic crisis for employment generation.

Keyword: Covid-19 pandemic crisis; Socio-economic status; Mithila painting.

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