Women Empowerment through the Preparation of Jute Diversified Products and Efficient Marketing

F.H. Rahman, S. Sethy and P. Saikia


The results of the research outputs or trials will get less importance if the technology is not transferred to the grass root level of the community where the product development is done, may it be the large industry or small scale industry. As, Krishi Vigyan Kendra Burdwan working with the aim of transferring and refinement of technologies to the field level and to the rural communities, it has an important role to play in this context. Krishi Vigyan Kendra Burdwan under Central Research Institute for jute and Allied Fibres (ICAR) is working with respect to transfer of technologies in the context of jute production, post harvest and diversified product preparation from jute fibre through field level demonstrations and training programmes. Initiative has been taken for cultivation of jute in Keten and Garamba-Bhasapur villages of Burdwan district, where farmers were made aware and then motivated towards the cultivation of jute in the year 2007-08 through the field level demonstration where they were not aware much. In the very next year 2008-09 thirty five farmers of the villages started cultivation of jute in an area of 25 ha and got production @ 25 – 30 q/ha. The jute fibre produced in the village was utilized for preparing different handicraft items. Seven days training programmes for 30 trainees in each comprising of rural women and school drop out girls were organized at different villages to prepare diversified handicrafts from jute fibre. Then most of the trainees formed Self Help Groups and Mahila Mandal started preparing different items from fibre where they found good acceptance of their products in different agricultural fairs, exhibitions and shops. These help the rural women and youth giving some additional income and empowering the weaker section of rural folk and increase the small scale industries in the particular area. Thus, the small entrepreneurs have not only attracted but have also opened cheaper options for the poorer section of the society living in difficult terrain

Keyword: Jute; Demonstration; Trai

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