Impact of New Technologies on Soybean at Farmers’ Field

Trilochan Singh, M.D. Vyas, Arvind Saxena and Anil Jain


A total 75 front line demonstration of soybean organized on the farmer’s fields of Sehore district under Vindhyan plateau agro climatic zone of Madhya Pradesh during rainy season of 1999-2000 to 2003-04. The results of these demonstrations revealed that the varieties JS-335, JS-93-05, JS-90-41 and NRC-37 yielded 84.35, 159.06, 133.95 and 42.10 per cent higher than local variety sown under farmer’s practices. The highest mean yield of 22.02 q ha-1 under recommended technologies, productivity increase of 49.86 to 72.20 per cent in seed yield over farmers practices, while additional income of Rs.6725 to 11201 ha-1 with 1:2.40 to 1:3.68 incremental benefit: cost ratio

Keyword: Soybean; Varieties; Demon

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