Effectiveness of Training Programmes under Agricultural Technology Management Agency in Bihar

Dhiraj K. Singh and Premlata Singh


Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) has now become the most important institutional mechanism at district level for implementation of agricultural extension reforms. Capacity building of farmers through organization of training is one of the most important strategies for implementation of ATMA. This study was conducted in Patna and Muzaffarpur districts of Bihar to measure the effectiveness of training programmes conducted under ATMA implementation in Bihar. Primary data were collected from 60 beneficiary farmers. A Training Effectiveness Index (TEI) was prepared for measuring effectiveness of trainings. The results showed that ‘animal husbandry & dairy’ and ‘vegetable cultivation’ were the major areas in which most of farmers attended training. A majority of trainees perceived that knowledge and skills were enhanced as a result of training. The overall effectiveness of training was found to be 54.6 per cent which came under medium effectiveness category

Keyword: Agricultural Technology Management Agency; Training Effectiveness Index; Capacity building;

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