Farm Women's Life in Livestock Management, Health and Empowerment

Jupi Takuldar , K. K. Saharia, J. R. Bora and R. A. Hazarika


The study was conducted among the rural farm women of Kamrup District of Assam in connection with their livestock management, health and empowerment. A purposive random sampling technique was used from the exhaustive list of the villages obtained from the offices of the BDO and Panchayats to select the farm women where ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) members in the Department of Health and Family Welfare under NRHM (National Rural Health Mission) were in action. Data pertaining to these areas were collected through a specially constructed pre-tested, reliable and valid interview schedule by personally approaching the rural farm women. Then the data such collected were compiled, tabulated and processed by calculating frequency, mean standard deviation and range and multiple correlation analysis. Based on the results conclusions and inferences relating livestock management, health and empowerment were drawn. It was found that by and large all the rural farm women were satisfied with regard to animal husbandry, own health and empowerment. Further the three areas i.e. animal husbandry, health and empowerment of the rural farm women were highly and positively correlated to each other.

Keyword: Rural farm women, Satisfaction, Livestock management, Health, Empowerment, ASHA, NRHM

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