Quantifying the Yield and Income Enhancement vis-à-vis Growth Rate of Chickpea in Madhya Pradesh

S.R.K. Singh, Anupam Mishra, Prem Chand and A.P. Dwivedi


Chickpea is the most important pulse accounting for more than 70 per cent of the global production in India. It is the cheapest source of protein and essential for every Indian to be healthy and fit. India has to import chickpea up to 1.5 Million tons every year to meet its domestic requirements though there is there is a scope for expanding chickpea production in approximately 12 m ha rainfed fallow lands in central and eastern India. In Madhya Pradesh, during 2011-12, area, production and productivity of chickpea was 3.04 million ha, 3.29 million tones and 1082 kg/ha. On the basis of the productivity, all 50 districts could be divided in three categories – High (18 districts), medium (15 distt.) and low (17 distt.), though comparative analysis showed the increasing trend in the productivity level. Empirical evidences shows that due to limited farmers’ participation and lack of positive attitude towards yield and productivity, farmers are not practicing chickpea at the large scale results into the less production which in turn lead to demand-supply imbalance. Besides, there are some production constraints of which poor crop management practices assume prime position. The on-farm demonstrations supported by the mobile messaging showed that the improved agro-technologies viz., high yielding variety having tolerance, sowing technique for moisture retention and drainage, IPM module, etc. evolved in recent years are capable of enhancing the chickpea productivity in the state. Scientists and KVK felt that quality seed is very crucial and essential for increasing the production and productivity of chickpea in the changing climatic situation in the rainfed farming situation. Therefore, aggressive efforts are required to popularize the improved production technologies involving the farmers and department personnel in convergence mode

Keyword: Impact; Participatory approach; Chickpea yield;

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