People’s Participation in Farm Pond Programmes in Dry Land Areas of Tamil Nadu

Anitha Pauline, A. , K. Mahandrakumar and C. Karthikeyan


People’s participation in planning, implementation and maintenance stage is important for making any programmes successful. Realizing it, Government of India (2011), issued a Common Guidelines for Watershed Development Projects, Revised Edition, 2011 in which participation of beneficiary farmers was made as mandatory. Hence, here an attempt has been made to study the extent of participation of beneficiaries in involvement of farm pond programmes under three stages such as planning, implementation and maintenance were studied. The study was conducted during 2020 in dry land areas of Tamil Nadu to measure the extent of people’s participation in farm pond development programme. The results revealed that overall participation Index score was 64.75 per cent. It means that moderate level of participation was observed among the farmers in farm pond development programmes. Further it is noted that high level of participation was exhibited by farmers in planning stage (72.12%) and moderate level was exhibited by farmers in implementation stage (63.78%) as well as maintenance stage (58.36%) of farmers in farm pond programmes. It means farmers were participated and contributed more during planning followed by implementation and maintenance stages of programme.

Keyword: Dry land; People’s Participation Index; Farm ponds.

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