Impact of Participatory Approach in Management of Watershed Practices in Jammu

Rajan Sharma, Jitendra Chauhan, B.S. Meena and R.S. Chauhan


Study was conducted in 2 watersheds viz Akhnoor and Bari-Badhori in Jammu district to find out the role of people’s participation in watershed management. To get first hand information 400 respondents were interviewed from both areas. It was observed that participating farmers had higher level of adoption as compared to nonparticipating farmers. It was found that farmers’ of watershed-1 and watershed-2 adopted soil and water conservation practices up to 36.32 and 65.21 per cent, respectively. A bumper crop was seen in the field of participating farmers which explain the positive impact of people’s participation in the crop production practices. The extent of adoption of horticulture and forestry practices was 46.51 and 62.88 per cent among the farmers of waterhed-1 and watershed- 2, respectively. Pasture development and vaccination of animals were adopted comparatively higher than other animal practices in the study area. Positive impact of participatory approaches in adoption of watershed practices had been observed

Keyword: Watershed; Participation;

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