Therapeutic Management of Emphysematous Fetus and Fetal Maldisposition in A Buffalo

J.S. Rajoriya, Manisha Chauhan, Sushma Yadav and Santosh Shinde


A non-descript buffalo suffering with dystocia due to emphysematous fetus and fetal maldisposition and its successful management with laparohysterotomy has been discussed. Fetal emphysema is a frequent complication of protracted parturition in cattle and, irrespective of the primary cause of dystocia, it is often the immediate indication for a caesarean operation. Such cases should be assessed realistically before the operation is undertaken because fetal putrefaction can seriously influence maternal survival. Bacterial culture of such fetuses usually yields heavy growths of coliform, or coliform and clostridial organisms.The latter infection is associated with a high maternal mortality rate in the immediate postoperative period, probably because of endotoxaemic shock.

Keyword: Buffaloes; Bubalus bubalis; Dystocia; Eemphysematous fetus; Fetal maldisposition ;

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