Association between Selected Attributes of FPO Members and Their Entrepreneurial Behaviour

Swati Khandave Jyothi M. Deshmukh and Mahammad Shafi R. SK


The study was conducted in Pune district of Western Maharashtra. Data were collected through personal interview schedule by purposively selected based on maximum number of FPOs working in vegetable production. The results indicated that the indicators are consequently arranged according to their mean score i.e., market orientation, self confidence decision making ability, economic motivation, risk orientation, scientific orientation, achievement motivation, communication skills, innovativeness and planning ability. Majority of the respondents were in the medium level of entrepreneurial behaviour index. The results of correlation analysis clearly indicated that the independent variables namely age, education, occupation, social participation, annual income, knowledge, attitude, sources of information and extension participation were had positive and significant association with their entrepreneurial behaviour of member.

Keyword: Relationship; FPO members; entrepreneurial behaviour;

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