Analysis of Adoption Gaps in Summer Moong Cultivation Technology in Sonipat District of Haryana

Jogender Singh, Kuldeep Singh and Anil Kumar Rathee


Green Gram is one of the main pulse crops of Haryana, sown both in Summer and Kharif seasons and it works as catch crop in between Rabi and Kharif. It takes about 60 days for maturity in summer; however its cultivation was not promoted before 2005. The Summer Moong not only provides additional income to the farmers, but it also improves soil health by adding organic matter in soil. It adds nutrition in daily food of poor farming community. The present study was conducted by KrishiVigyan Kendra, Sonipat in operational villages of FLDs. KVK Sonipat has conducted 245 front line demonstrations on summer moong covering 98.0 hectares area and 245 farmers as beneficiaries during 2012-13 to 2016-17. The production, productivity and economic returns of summer moong in demonstrated plots were compared with the corresponding farmers’ practices. The data so obtained were pooled and analyzed. The data depicted that the average yield of summer moong under FLD plots ranged between 9.1q/ha to 9.8q/ha, whereas, under the farmers’ practice, it ranged between 7.7 q/ ha to 8.1 q/ha. The FLD plots recorded 12.34 to 24.05 per cent increase in yield over local check. The increase in yield of summer moong crop under front line demonstrations was due to improved practices demonstrated at farmers’ fields namely timely sown of the crop, use of healthy seed, high yielding varieties, recommended seed rate, IPM & INM etc. Key words: Green Gram; Catch crop; Summer Moong; Organic matter; Farming community;

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