Climate Smart Agricultural Technologies: Innovations and Interventions

J.K. Chauhan, Mahendra Singh Seveda, Ram Singh and Deepak Jhajharia


Proceedings and Recommendations of The 9th NEE Congress-2018 The following major recommendations have emerged from the research papers presented in the 9th National Extension Education Congress-2018 entitled “Climate Smart Agricultural Technologies: Innovations and Interventions”. Differential nutritional security across social strata and gender being the most dominant observable phenomenon calls for action on enhanced access and control over resources to women, emphasis on popularization of traditional fruits and vegetables and their nutritional studies; and imparting education and knowledge on nutrition to the farmers, farm women and extension personnel continuously. • Climate change being a reality affecting both production and productivity in agriculture, fisheries, Veterinary and animal husbandry and other related areas due to changes in biotic and abiotic factors controlling the agricultural productivity is affecting the livelihood of a large population directly. India being a vast country with more than 330 crore population needs to use both the adaptive and mitigation strategies along with indigenous knowledge application for stability and progress. A large number of climate smart agricultural technologies are already available. Further continuous researches and transmission of already developed adaptive and mitigation measures should get emphasis as climate change has already occurred and it is an ongoing process. • A big gap exists about information dissemination and consumption at farmers’ levels that are generated at the research system. Extension system needs to incorporate digital technology for quick and efficient information dissemination and feedback. Establishment of advisory service at different levels up to block level on climate change, and adaptive and mitigation strategies along with continuous education and training for awareness development and understanding on climate change for extension personnel and farmers alike is the need of the hour. • Value chain analysis mostly reveals the farmers at the receiving end with poor price realizations compared to price consumer have to pay. A large number of intermediaries harvest benefits at the cost of the farmers. At the same time it is important to strengthen the information dissemination and skill up gradation on post harvest technologies that can help farmers a better bargaining opportunity and develop a value chain with direct relation between farmers and deliverer at consumer level for generating remunerative price to the farmers in real time. • Pressure on soil, water, air and forest will continue to grow because of agriculture and other developmental activities. Climate smart technology related with increased water use efficiency, recycled water use in agriculture, maintenance of soil health, restoration and conservation of forest, organic input utilization and gradual withdrawal of CO2 producing technology in agriculture and industry is important. • Youths in India are no more attracted to take agriculture as a vocation as its intrinsic values have lost the shine. Entrepreneurship thrives in a supportive environment of technology, skills, logistic, policy, investment and entrepreneurial traits. Emphasis on upholding social status of farming community and a holistic approach for entrepreneurship development is more important now. Simple, cheap and socially viable rural technology for enhancement of income through post harvest activities for entrepreneurship development should be encouraged. • Integrated Farming System has been found to be applicable under small farm conditions in a better way which helps the farmers to overcome hunger. Different model shows increasing income but not sufficient enough to provide a respectable life compared to other sectors. While encouraging the IFS as mitigating and adaptive measures to climate change till alternative absorption for the farmers for better income is available, it should be continued.

Keyword: NEEC-2018, Climate Smart Agricultural Technologies; Innovations; Interventions

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