Problems Faced by Women Tea Plantation Workers in Performing Their Duties

Toko Jumi, Sayanika Borah and Manju Dutta Das


In the present study, it is operationally defined as the inconveniences faced by the women tea plantation workers in performing various tasks at the tea garden or tea garden factory. Their tasks include; plucking of tea leaves, weeding, nursery work, column cutting, cleaning of drains and other factory work etc. The study was carried out in Jorhat district of Assam. Four (4) tea gardens under public corporation from Jorhat sub-division were selected using purposive sampling method. A total of 100 women tea plantation workers were selected for the present study. The major findings revealed that insufficient wage was ranked I with mean score (2.99), lack of toilet facilities at work was ranked II with mean score (2.95), no provisions for protective gears at work was ranked III with mean score (2.82), back pain due to carrying of tea baskets for a long time was ranked IV with mean score (2.45), cuts and rashes on fingers and palm due to plucking of tea leaves was ranked V with mean score (2.43).

Keyword: Problems; Women; Tea Plantation; Workers; Duties;

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