Impact of Front Line Demonstration on Rapeseed-Mustard Yield Improvement

C. M. Balai, R.P. Meena, B. L. Meena and R. K. Bairwa


The present study was carried out to know that the yield gaps between improved package and practices (IP) and farmers practice (FP) of rapeseed-mustard crop. The yield of rapeseed –mustard in IP under irrigated conditions ranges from 15.89 to 17.53q/ha whereas in FP ranges from 12.53 to 13.12q/ha. The per cent increase in yield with IP over FP was recorded in the range of 26.82 to 33.61. The extension gap ranging between 3.36-4.41q/ha during the period of study. The trend of technology gap reflected the farmer’s cooperation, in carrying out such demonstrations with encouraging results in subsequent years. The cost benefit ratio was 3.33 to 3.67 under demonstration, while it was 2.62 to 2.75 under control plots. By conducting front line demonstration of proven technologies, yield potential from rapeseed –mustard cultivation can be enhanced to a great extent with increase in the income level of the farming community.

Keyword: Extension gap; Technology

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