Livelihood Security of An Isolated Gothi Koya Tribe in Telangana State

Alam Prashanthi and R. Geetha Reddy


Tribes are a weaker section of society due to their low social and economic standing. Even in the contemporary day, some tribal groups remain geographically isolated and live in the jungles. One of them is the Gothi koya tribe. Therefore, an attempt was made to study the profile characteristics and livelihood security of Gothi Koya tribe. The study was conducted in Mulugu district, Telangana State with an ex-post facto research design. A total of 60 samples from three villages under ITDA (Integrated Tribal Development Agency), Eturnagaram were selected purposively for this study. Results revealed that half of the respondents (50%) fall under the age group between 20- 30 years and the majority (85%) of the respondents were illiterates. There was a strong positive significant relationship between education and livelihood security at 1% level of significance (p<0.01) and other independent variables found no significance at 5% level (p<0.05).

Keyword: Livelihood security; Food Security; Health and sanitation security; Water security.

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