Symbolic Adoption of Dairy Farming Practices by Tribal Dairy Farmers in Chhattisgarh : An Experimental Study

P.Mooventhan, K.S. Kadian, R. Senthil Kumar, B.S. Meena


This experimental study was conducted to identify the influence and relationship of socio-economic variables on symbolic adoption of tribal farmers from twelve tribal village of Chhattisgarh. Totally three hundred respondents were selected for this study. The Interactive Educational Multimedia Module (IEMM) on Good Dairy Farming Practices (GDFPs) was selected as a learning module for experiment. One group (Pre-test and Post-test) experimental design was used to study the effectiveness of the module. The study revealed that out of twelve variable studied, three variables namely occupational status, farm size, social participation was found to be having a positive association with symbolic adoption. Further, coefficient of multiple determination viz., R2 was 0.371 which was significant at 1 percent level. This meant that 37.10 percent of the variation in the dependent variable is explained by the independent variables chosen for the study. This revealed that a unit increase in farming experience would decrease the knowledge gain by 0. 232 units’ ceteris paribus. The study revealed that respondents were more satisfied and eager to learn through modern interactive multimedia gadgets. This indicates that, they were inclined towards accepting cyber extension initiatives.

Keyword: Symbolic adoption; GDFPs; Interactive Educational Multimedia Module

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