Perceived Constraints of Consumers Regarding Soybean Consumption

Archna Beniwal, Beena Yadav and Rita Goel


With the increasing population and heavy pressure on land it is a big challenge for agricultural scientists and nutritionists to fulfill the nutritional requirements of whole population. There is a strong need for natural and economical protein foods which an average income earning family can afford as a part of its daily meal. High protein of soybean makes it a substitute for expensive products. Soybean with its high nutritive and therapeutic value can be included in regular diet for improving the well being of the population. In spite of its tremendous advantages soy products have not registered their entry among rural consumers. It was, therefore, considered imperative to explore the constraining factors, which inhibit the consumption of soybean and its products in four villages of Haryana state. Women being the major decision maker of family cooking system were included as the respondents. The results indicated that out of total 19 constraints the major constraints were unavailability of soybean in village shops, lack of time & readiness to accept additional responsibility of preparing soybean products, non-cooperative attitude of family members to supply soybean, extra efforts and time required for preparing soybean products along with urban biasness of products and considering soybean as non vegetarian meal were perceived to be the major constraints

Keyword: Population; Agricultural scientists; Nutritionists; Soybean; Decision maker;

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