Most Preferred Animal Husbandry Information Sources and Channel among Dairy Farmers of Punjab

Manisha Chauhan and S. K. Kansal


The present study was conducted to know the most preferred Animal Husbandry information sources among dairy farmers of Punjab for perceiving knowledge about various animal husbandry practices. A simple random sampling technique was used in the selection of dairy farmers. Dairy farmers were divided into three categories on the basis of herd size as small, medium and large dairy farmers. Information sources taken in present study was divided into four major categories viz mass media, institutional, non-institutional and extension activities. The total samples constitute 250 dairy farmers. The selected respondent was interviewed personally with the help of a pre structured interview schedule to elicit information. The study revealed that among all four categories of information sources viz mass media, institutional, non-institutional and extension activities overall mean score of preference for TV, Dairy Co- operatives, family members and pashu palan mela were higher by dairy farmers. A significance difference was found among small, medium and large dairy farmers in relation to their preference for internet, veterinary university, KVK and training programme as animal husbandry information sources

Keyword: Animal Husbandry, Information sources, Dairy farmers, Knowledge.

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