Entrepreneurship Development for Rural Women Through Self Help Group Approach

K. Sita Devi, T. Rajula Shanthy and T. Ponnarasi


Entrepreneurship offers tremendous opportunities for women across the world by opening doors to greater self sufficiency, self-esteem, education, and growth, not only for the women themselves, but also for their families and employees. The linking up of the micro enterprise and micro credit through self help groups (SHGs) can become financially self-sustaining. Financial, institutional and human resources have to be integrated for building the micro enterprise potential. In the context of micro credit, the SHGs are expected to master up resources for future towards income generating activities. Therefore, the present study has been formulated to study the entrepreneurship development of women through self-help groups. A logistic regression model was used in the study to empirically quantify the relative influence of various factors in the decision of the respondents of either being an entrepreneur or not being an entrepreneur. The estimation yielded the expected signs for the coefficients of all the independent variables. Entrepreneurial behaviour of the women entrepreneurs was studied and the results showed that there was good level of development in the dimensions considered for the study. The problems faced by the women entrepreneurs were ranked using Garrett ranking technique. Lack of single window service, lack of knowledge on improved technology, high competitions were some of the major problems faced by the women entrepreneurs.

Keyword: Entrepreneurship development; Self Help Groups; Microenterprises; Women entrepreneurs;

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