Adoption Level of Climate Smart Agricultural Technologies in Imphal West District of Manipur

Termaric Oinam and Janee Yumlembam


Climate change has long been a raising global concerned issue. Its impact on agriculture and food security has drawn attention to several mitigation and adaptation measures. There are several potential adaptation options to reduce moderate to severe climatic risks in agriculture. Adaptation options that sustainably increase productivity, enhance resilience to climatic stresses, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions are known as climate-smart agricultural (CSA) technologies, practices and services (FAO, 2010). In order to adapt the changing climatic conditions and cope with climate variability, farmers in our country needs to be aware of such technologies, practices and services and adopt the same. This paper assessed the adoption level of Climate Smart Agricultural Technologies in Phayeng village in Imphal West District of Manipur where climate resilient agricultural methods have been introduced under Directorate of Environment, Government of Manipur. A total of 60 farmers have been sampled purposively for the study. Descriptive statistics have been used to analyse farmers’ adoption level. Tobit regression has been applied to assess the influence of selected parameters viz. Exposure to Climate Resilient methods, Gender, Age, Education, Farming experience and Land holding size, on the adopted CSA technologies by individual farmers. 100 % of the farmers adopts drainage management system, cover crop methods and follows indigenous technical knowledge in cultivation. 98.33 % of them follow climate housing for livestock and the third most adopted CSA technologies was Zero and Minimum tillage with 70 % of the farmers adopting it. All the factors except education and age were found to have significant effect on adoption level of CSA technologies.

Keyword: Climate Smart Agricultural (CSA) Technologies; Tobit Regression; Phayeng village; Manipur;

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