Socio-metric Study for Dissemination of Agricultural Information

V. Jyothi and M. Suresh Kumar


The study was conducted during 2011-2012 in the adopted village of Agricultural College, Naira, Srikakulam District of Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University, Andhra Pradesh. Sociometry was applied to probe the key communicators in dissemination of agricultural information. Sixty (60) farmers were sampled for the study. The respondents were asked from whom they seek advice or suggestion in matters related to agriculture in general. Their responses were noted and key communicators were identified and diagrammatically depicted using target sociogram technique. Sociometric score, Percentage and Cumulative Percentage were calculated. Seven key communicators were identified by the sample respondents, of which three were grouped under low communicators category, followed by two each in medium and high communicator categories. Two high communicators with cumulative percentages 100.00 and 78.89 occupied the central circle indicating the power of influence with respect to dissemination of agricultural information. Two medium communicators with cumulative percentages 61.11 and 38.89 occupied the second circle from the centre. Three low communicators with cumulative percentages 22.50, 10.56 and 0.83 occupied the third circle from the centre

Keyword: Sociometry; Sociogram; Key communicator;

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