Television Viewing Behaviour of Farmers in North Eastern Districts of Karnataka

S.B. Goudappa, Jyothi Kalyanrao and Shashidhara.K.K


The present study was conducted during the year 2015-16 in North Eastern districts of Karnataka. Ex-post facto research design was followed in conducting the investigation. Purposive random sampling procedure was used in selection of respondents with a sample size of 120 television viewers. Keeping in mind the objectives of the study, an interview schedule was designed for the purpose and which was pre- tested in a non sample area. Based on the experience gained in pre testing, the interview schedule was standardized and required data was collected by personal interview. Data was coded, tabulated, analyzed and interpreted using suitable statistical tools. The major findings were, nearly two third of respondents belong to medium and high television viewing behaviour and half of the farmers preferred the timings for telecast of the agricultural programmes between 6:00pm and 7:00pm (66.67%) during winter season. Half of the respondents (53.33%) frequently viewed Krishidarshan programme of Chandana channel. Majority of the respondents paid partial attentiveness for the telecasted agricultural programme for Krishidarshan programme. Majority (55.83%) of the farmers viewed the agricultural programmes regularly. Half of the respondents were found to pay partial attention. Majority of respondents (43.33%) viewed agricultural programmes partially and Most of the respondents never bothered to discus / make notes after viewing the agricultural programmes. Most of the respondents were preferred the mode “Question and answer” presentation followed by panel discussion with scientist / resource persons. Nearly cent per cent of respondents opined that the agricultural programmes were unbiased

Keyword: Attention; Behaviour; Krishidarshan; Telecast; Television viewing;

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