Colour Trait and Socio-Cultural Compatibility of Cross Breeding Technology in Piggery: A Case of ‘T&D’ Pig Breed in Eastern India

Pankaj Seth, Mahesh Chander, Navab Singh, Rita Kumari, V.K. Basunathe and Ganesh Das


Little or no efforts have been made by the researchers to investigate how their technologies are compatible with the farmers’ socio-cultural and socio-economic environment. The authors studied the compatibility attributes of improved livestock breed innovation, taking a case of a new pig breed (‘T&D’) - an innovation. Survey was conducted over 240 pig farmers purposively selected four states, Viz. Jharkhand, Bihar, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal and one district was selected from each state, based on the concentration of pig farmers with the assistance of KVKs in these states. As such, 240 pig farmers at the rate of 60 pig farmers from each district were selected randomly across 4 states. Research paper highlights the colour trait and socio-cultural compatibility of black colour ‘T&D’ pig innovation by different farmers’ categories. The respondents’ comments with regard to compatibility were organized according to the values identified by pig farmers, previous experience and belief and cultural acceptance of black colour ‘T&D’ pig (81.07%) by the respondents of across four states under the study. The majority of the respondents from all the four states were culturally compatible with ‘T&D’ pig farming due to use of pig during festival, ceremony and marriage (100.00%), Gram Devta pooja or Kuldevi pooja (77.00%), offered sacrifice during sowing and harvesting of paddy (64.60%), bride dowry (67.10%), gift to daughters after marriage (65.4%) and exchange of pig among relatives or kinship (61.70%).

Keyword: Innovation; Social; Cultural; Colour; Trait Compatibility; ‘T&D’ Pig;

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