Extent of Utilization of Social Media by Extension Functionaries in Southern India

K. Bhagya Lakshmi and K. Madhu Babu


We are living in the era of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs), which contributed significantly in<br />diversifying the means and modes of communication. Since inception of social media, communication is becoming<br />more and more rapid and dynamic. Social media platforms like you tube, face book opened new avenues for<br />information collecting, storing and sharing. As a result we are witnessing the tremendous potential of social media<br />for people interaction, sharing of information and influencing the behavior complex of the people i.e Knowledge,<br />Skill and Attitude. At the same time there is an immense need to strengthen and revitalize the extension system to<br />meet the challenges in agricultural development. By keeping this in view the present study was taken up to study the<br />extent of utilization of social media by the extension functionaries in southern India. The present study indicated<br />that majority of the extension functionaries utilizing social media platforms like Gmail (97%) followed whatsapp<br />(59%), face book (55%) and you tube (47%) for sharing of information. Nearly 58 percent of the extension<br />functionaries were using the social media platforms for sharing the information. It is also observed from the study<br />that innovativeness (0.5103), information seeking behavior (0.6136) found to be positively significant at 0.01 level<br />of probability.

Keyword: Information communication technologies; Social media; Behavioral complex; Agricultural extension systems

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