Performance Evaluation of Fishery Based Self Help Groups in West Tripura

N.K. Verma, D.K. Pandey and A.D. Upadhayay


Micro finance through Self Help Group (SHG) has been recognized internationally as the modern tool to combat poverty and rural development. The impact of micro lending has attracted considerable attention of developmental agencies, policy makers, financing agencies, academicians, researchers and even corporate bodies. From the prospective of development and economic wellbeing of resource poor people, Self Help Group (SHG) approach is more successful than any other group approaches in the country. In Tripura also many programmes and projects have been implemented to promote formation of SHGs. The fishery based SHGs in the state are playing significant role in empowerment of the poor people particularly fish farmers. Keeping importance of SHGs in view a study was conducted during 2012 in Dukli block of West Tripura district of Tripura by selecting 15 fishery based SHGs and 90 beneficiaries to assess the performance of the SHGs. In this paper socioeconomic profile of the SHG’s beneficiaries, their achievement motivation, innovativeness, loan matrix and performance of Fishery based SHGs have presented. The performance of the fishery based SHGs were evaluated using NABARD checklist and out of total 15 SHGs selected for study, 10 SHGs grouped in good category, 3 SHGs were classed into very good category and 2 SHGs were categorized into unsatisfactory category

Keyword: Fishery; Self Help Groups; Aachievement motivation; Innovativeness;

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