A Scale to Measure the Attitude of Young Rural Women Towards Their Participation in Agriculture

Tanusha Mahesh Chander and Jayant Goyal


One of the major approaches to retain the youth in agriculture originates with determining attitude of the youth towards agriculture. The present study has been carried out to develop and standardize a scale for measuring the attitude of young rural women towards their participation in agriculture. Likert’s summated rating scale technique was followed for the construction of attitude scale. At first, a total of 72 statements were sent to judges and after obtaining relevance scores for each statement, 38 were retained. These statements were further interviewed by 45 respondents from non -sample area and analysed. The final scale developed consisted of 19 statements (7 positive and 12 negative statements). The reliability and validity of the scale indicates its precision and consistency of the results.

Keyword: Attitude; Scale; Young rural women;

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