Suitable Measures and Preventive Strategies to Eradicate Drugs from the Society

Pratima Sachan, Shalini Gupta, Katayani and Neelma Kunwar


The study was carried out in the Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Ten schools (5 Hindi Medium and 5 English Medium) were randomly selected out of all the school in the district. Thus a total sample 200 teenagers (20 from each school) was selected for the present study .The important variables examined were socio- economic features which included comparison of respondents in terms of independent variables such as age, caste, education, religion, income, occupation, family type etc. and dependent variables such as addiction, drug addiction, causes, symptoms, society, consequences, prevention, strategy were also observed. The teenagers were interviewed personally with the help of structured interview schedule for obtaining necessary information. The secondary data wherever needed, was obtained from the record of schools. Data collection took about 1 year time i.e. from the month of January 2017 till the end of December 2017.The statistical techniques applied for analyzing the data were percentage, weighted mean, rank , correlation coefficient. Overall 55.0 per cent of the teenagers belonged to 13–15 years of age group where as 30.0 per cent of the total teenagers belonged to 15–17 years of age group and 15.0 per cent of the teenagers were belonged to 17–19 years of age group in the study area. 70.0 per cent of the teenagers were males and 30.0 per cent were females in the study area. 100 per cent of the teenagers opined that increasing the availability, affordability and access to drug treatment programme, educate doctors , patients and families about good addiction treatment include, rehabilitate drug addicts, invest much in anti drug education, reducing the availability of excess prescription medications and seeking help for mental illness can serve as a good preventive strategy for eradicating drugs with mean score 2.00 and rank I. 70.5 per cent of the teenagers said that the increasing taxes on tobacco and alcohol can reduce the use of drugs and help to eradicate drug addiction from the society with mean score 1.41 and rank VII.

Keyword: Measures; Preventive strategy; Drug; Society;

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