Harnessing Pulses Productivity for Food and Nutritional Security

K.D. Kokate, A.K. Singh and Lakhan Singh


Pulses are important for existing farm production systems as it adds nitrogen in the soil and provides food and nutritional security to large number of vegetarians and weaker sections of the society who can not afford other sources of protein. A programme on ‘Technology Demonstrations for Harnessing Pulses Productivity’ was initiated by Indian Council of Agricultural Research to address the application of selected technologies related to five major pulses crops viz. chickpea, pigeon pea, mungbean, urdbean and lentil in 2010-11. Mungbean was emphasized as an important intervention with demonstrations on an area of 2126.31 acre during 2010-11 to 2011-12. The district specific technology modules were prepared on recently released varieties, planting techniques, integrated nutrient management, integrated weed management, integrated disease-insect management and intercropping. The sample size included 8 states, 59 districts and 2301 farmers. The data were collected by the concerned KVKs and analyzed as per need. Mungbean has shown tremendous adaptability in different crop seasons and agro-ecological environments. The average yield gains of 39.71 % over farmers’ practice, average net returns of Rs. 18979//ha and Rs.40848/ ha from summer crop and more importantly being grown commonly in the fields which are kept fallow by the farmers, make this crop extremely valuable. The additional benefits attached with this crop like net returns, soil health enhancement, low competition with other crop, nutritional value, low resource use in its cultivation, etc. indicate potentiality of the crop to further expand area and broaden its domestic and industrial use

Keyword: Harnessing pulses productivity; Technology demonstrations;

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