The Influence of Different Coagulants on Yield and Sensory Quality of Cow Milk Chhana

S.S. Bankar, M. Raziuddin and P.N. Zanjad


An investigation was undertaken to study the effects of different coagulants citric acid, lactic acid (1 %, 2% & 3%) and lemon juice (lemon juice: distilled water 1:0 , 1:5 and 1:10) on sensory quality, percent yield and fat & total solids recovery of chhana. The colour and overall acceptability of chhana made with 1 % citric acid and 2 % lactic acid recorded significantly higher scores. There was significantly highest score for body and texture of chhana made with 1 % and 2 % lactic acid. Chhana made with lemon juice in different concentrations recorded significantly lower sensory scores for all attributes. Chhana prepared by using 1% citric acid recorded significantly highest yield followed by 2 % lactic acid. Further, the fat and total solids recoveries were significantly higher in chhana made with citric acid and lactic acid. Highest fat and total solids recovery was recorded in the chhana made by using 1 % citric acid and 2 % lactic acid. Lemon juice as a coagulant lowered the yield, fat and total solids recovery significantly. On the basis of observations it is concluded that good quality cow milk chhana with optimum yield, total solids recovery and sensory quality could be obtained by coagulating milk with 1 % citric acid and 2 % lactic acid.

Keyword: Cow Milk, Chhana, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Sensory Quality, Yield and Recovery;

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