Utilization Pattern of e-Resources Among the Postgraduate Scholars

Shubham Mishra, F.L. Sharma, B.S. Bhimawat and Latika Vyas


e-Resources became the centre of every higher education intellectual activity today. Understanding the importance of e-resources most of the universities generously participating to provide access to these resources to facilitate learning, teaching and research. The present study area was state of Rajasthan by selecting three agriculture universities i.e. MPUAT (Udaipur), SKNAU (Jobner) and SKRAU (Bikaner) purposively. Among these three universities 180 respondents were selected randomly. The basic information regarding the personal profile characteristics were collected from the postgraduate scholars. To determine the relationship of each independent variable with the dependent variable i.e., utilization pattern of e-resources the coefficient correlation ’r’ value was used. The coefficient correlation ’r’ clearly showed that age, training, internet use and ICT skills had significant relationship with the utilization pattern of e-resources at 1 percent level of significance. The other variables like academic performance and computer exposure was associated at 5 per cent level of significance. Remaining independent variables like gender and annual income does not had any relationship with the dependent variable

Keyword: e-resources; Utilization pattern,; Coefficient correlation; Postgraduate scholars

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