Action Research in Social Science

Loveleen Kaur, Kanwaljit Kaur and Sukhdeep Kaur


Action research is the philosophy and methodology of research generally applied in social science. As people are the central concern in social sciences and it becomes the duty of the social scientist to involve oneself with contemporary problems of people for improving their situation. Action research is a type of social science research that that aim sat creating a desirable change in the situation as a result of planned action intervention. It is carried out to identify areas of concern, develop and test alternatives, and experiment with new approaches. By conducting action research, researchers are able to make changes in order to improve the settings in which they conducted research, rather than just gathering data and formulating theories, as in conventional research. Considering the significance of action research in social science, it becomes important to have a comprehensive knowledge of it. Thus the present paper has been prepared with the objective to review and explain the concept of action research in social sciences.

Keyword: Action research; Social science;

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