Knowledge level vis-à-vis improved dairy farming practices: an appraisal on the santhal dairy farmers of Burdwan district (West Bengal)

Sanchita Garai, Sanjit Maiti and B.S. Meena


Assessment of knowledge is the perquisite of implementation of any development programme. Implementation of dairy development programme is not exception of this. Therefore, the present study was designed to assess existing knowledge level of the Santhal dairy farmer of Burdwan district of West Bengal regarding improved dairy farming practices. Usingmultistage sampling methodatotal ninety Santhal dairy farmers of six villages of district were selected for this study. It was found that majority (71.11%) of the respondents had the medium level knowledge followed by high (15.56%) and low (13.33) level of knowledge regarding improved dairy farming practices. It was also found that Santhal dairy farmers had maximum knowledge in animal nutrition area. Study revealed that variables namely educational status, social participation, milk production, milk consumption, mass media exposure extension contact, adoption of improved dairy husbandry practices, annual income and time spent in dairying showed a significant and positive relationship with knowledge level of the dairy farmers. Whereas, variables like educational status, operational land holding, milk production, mass media exposure and adoption of improved dairy farming practices had significant influence on the knowledge level of the respondents. Key word: The Santhal, Improved dairy husbandry practices, Farmers’ knowledge level, Burdwan district

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