Standardize Index for Measuring Performance of Farmers on Mitigation and Adaptation Practices of Climate Change

Alethea Dympep, R.J. Singh, Jitendra Chauhan, D.K. Pandey and L. Hemochandra


Climate change is widely acknowledged as foremost among the formidable challenges facing the world today. Due to the non-availability of a standardized measurement to measure the farmers’ performance level on mitigation and adaptation practices, it was thought necessary to construct an index for the purpose. An attempt has been made to develop an index for measuring performance of farmers’ on mitigation and adaption practices of climate change in hill agricultural system. Pertinent items were collected covering all aspects of mitigation and adaptation practices to climate change. After getting jury opinion on the items, thirty-nine items were selected and administered to 60 farmers. Finally, 19 items were included in the final format with the help of discrimination index (>1.75). The reliability with the help of Cronbach alpha value and the reliability coefficients value was found to be 0.84, which indicates high reliability. On administering to the final study sample, it was found that about fifty two per cent and thirty five of the farmers had low level and high level of performance of mitigation and adaptation practices.

Keyword: Mitigation; Adaptation; Performance index; Reliability; Validity

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