Participation of Farm Women in Potato Production

Renu Jethi


Vegetable cultivation has become highly commercialized. But still there is a wide gap between current production and potential productivity. Women participation in the family farming system is crucial to the sustenance of rural economy. The farm women need to be involved in olericulture sector to push up considerable increase in production level and area under vegetables. Realizing the importance of farm women in vegetable production and to know the extent of training needs of these farm women, the study entitled “participation of farm women in potato productionâ€ was undertaken. The study was conducted in Pakhowal and Delhon blocks of Ludhiana district in Punjab. The data were collected personally through the structured interview schedule. The degree of participation of farm women in potato production was determined in terms of (i) operations with respect to manual participation and supervision. (ii) average time spent. (iii) and work load. Knowledge test was prepared to assess the training needs pertaining to selected operations in potato growing. It is evident from the study that participation of farm women in different operations of potato production was medium. The study has confirmed high training need in some areas of potato production by farm women

Keyword: Potential productivity; W

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