Training Needs of Tribal People in Carrying out Income Generating Activities

M. Rokonuzzaman


The objectives of the study were to asses the training needs of the tribal people and to find out their constraints in carrying out income generating activities (IGAs). The study was conducted in eight villages of Sherpur district in Bangladesh. Data were collected from a randomly selected sample of 95 tribal household head (25% of target population) through interview schedule. Data revealed that majority (52%) of the tribal people had medium training need compared to 39 per cent of them had high training need in case of homestead vegetable production. In term of training need in nursery establishment, about half (49%) of the tribal people fell under medium training need category while 43 per cent of them fell under high training need category. As regards to their training needs in livestock & poultry rearing, the majority (55%) of the tribal people had high training needs compared to 36 per cent of them having medium training needs. A big share (52%) of the tribal people had high training needs in cottage industry while 42 per cent of them had medium training needs. Farmers’ education, farm size, annual income, organizational participation and agricultural knowledge showed negative significant correlation, while fatalism had significant positive association with the training needs. The major problems faced by the tribal people in carrying out their IGAs were: lack of capital/credit, lack of irrigation water, lack of land, lack of knowledge about insect/disease control, marketing & communication facilities and attack of wild elephant, etc

Keyword: Training need; Tribal peo

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