Study on Morphometric Traits of Different Genetic Groups of Adult Cattle in Jajpur District of Odisha

K. Mahakur, P. Panda, and B.C.Das, G.D.Nayak


Morphometric traits of different genetic groups (Binjharpuri, graded Hariana and crossbred Jersey) was studied in 439 dairy animals belonging to 102 farmers which were selected from 3 blocks of Jajpur district covering 7 villages in the state of Odisha. The study revealed that average body weight was 215.63±4.76, 278.79±8.58, 260.93±6.28 Kg; average body length was 114.98±0.86, 123.52±1.48 and 122.89±0.93 cm; Heart girth was 141.56±1.35, 156.06±2.25 and 153.26±1.49 cm; Height at wither was 108.81±0.93, 118.56±1.65 and 115.75±0.49 cm and Tail length was 94.93±1.45, 102.62±2.26 and 87.61±2.4 cm respectively for Binjharpuri, graded Hariana and crossbred Jersey. Body weight, body length, heart girth, paunch girth, height at wither, head length, tail length and ear length were found significant among genetic groups. Horn length was found non-significant among the groups

Keyword: Morphometric traits; Binjharpuri; Ggraded Hariana; Crossbred Jersey;

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