A Scale Measure the Attitude of Farmers towards Zero Tillage Technology

Ajay Kumar, Randhir Singh, Satyendera Singh, S.R. Dar, R.D. Jat, Vipin Kumar and D.K. Singh


Attitude plays a pivotal role in influencing one’s behavior with respect to a particular psychological object. As corollary of this fact, the farmer’s attitude towards zero tillage technology largely determines the nature and extent of acceptance of scientific farm technology in modernizing agriculture. Thus, attitude of farmers forms essential components for better implementation and success of improved farm technology. It is therefore crucial to identify the attitude of farmers towards zero tillage to take up such step which are required to make ZTT a success. Keeping this in view the present study was designed to construct a standardized scale to measure the attitude of farmers towards zero tillage technology.

Keyword: Attitude; Zero tillage; Behavior; Standardized scale

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