A Standardised Scale to Measure the m-Readiness of Farmers

C.P. Poornima and A. Sakeer Husain


Mobile phones have evolved as the most popular technology for communication. Mobile based technologies, if used properly has the highest development potential for the farming sector too, acting as an effective tool by decreasing the information gap. But it is necessary to understand and measure the mobile readiness of farmers before development and release of mobile based tools to support them for farming. Hence, it is aimed in this study to develop a scale to measure the m-readiness of farmers. m-Readiness in the study is operationally defined as the preparedness and ability of farmers to use mobile phone-based technologies. Here, to develop the scale, relevancy rating by the judges followed by the Kendall’s coefficient of concordance was used. The final scale comprised of 60 statements fewer than four sub domains, i.e., physical readiness, technological readiness, psychological readiness and economic readiness, with 15 items under each domain. The scale was standardised for administration and found to be valid and reliable. The final standardised scale has been presented in the paper.

Keyword: ICT in agriculture; m-Readiness; e-Readiness; Mobile phones in agriculture; Scale construction;

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