Extension Strategies for increasing Pulses Production for Evergreen Revolution

R. Roy Burman, S. K. Singh, Lakhan Singh and A. K. Sing


Pulses on account of their vital role in nutritional security and soil ameliorative properties have been an integral part of sustainable agriculture since ages. Presently, the pulses are grown on around 23 million hectares area with 13 – 15 million tonnes of production. The present study was conducted with a specific objective to find out the extension strategy to increase the pulses production. Perception of farmers, extension personnel and research workers was recorded to find out the constraints in different aspects of pulse based cropping system and related technologies. Among the bio-physical constraints, lack of improved varieties of pulses has been found as the most serious of the all. Infestation of pest and diseases and no plant protection measure are another two most important constraints in pulses production. Among the socio-economic constraints, lack of knowledge and skill about improved technologies of pulses got the highest rank followed by lack of availability of input at proper time, low market price of the produce and high cost of input

Keyword: Pulses production; Constr

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