Effectiveness of Behaviour of Rice Farmers in Propagating System of Rice Intensification (SRI) Technology in Andhra Pradesh

V. Hari Krishna


SRI technology promises the much needed boost to productivity in rice with better water use efficiency. During the last decade, various agencies promoted this method of rice cultivation in Andhra Pradesh. However, the rate of adoption of SRI method by rice farmers is low. The purpose of the study was to understand the needs of the farmers in terms of knowledge and skills which can help improve the adoption rate of the technology. Data was collected using a questionnaire from a random sample of 150 SRI demonstration framers (N = 150) from the three North Coastal Districts of Andhra Pradesh. The study indicated that framers have developed positive attitude towards SRI technology. However, majority of the farmers feel that many of the operations of SRI method are labour intensive and time consuming. More than 80% of the farmers expressed the need for development of more efficient equipment for raising nursery, leveling and weeding. They felt the need for training agriculture labour in SRI techniques. Farmers expressed the need for season long contact and support of extension staff with information on irrigation technology and integrated crop management.

Keyword: SRI technology; Demonstrations; Behaviour; Knowledge; Skills

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