Level of Adoption of Chickpea Growers about Chickpea Production Technology

K.D. Tankodara and G.R. Gohil


Chickpea is one of the most important legume crops of Gujarat state. In Gujarat, Saurashtra region is one of the most remarkable regions for chickpea cultivation and production. Junagadh district is very good producer district of Saurashtra region and due to consider its importance, the present investigation was conducted to study the relationship between the selected characteristics of the chickpea growers and their level of adoption about recommended chickpea production technology. Four talukas; Maliya, Keshod, Mendarda and Junagadh of Junagadh district were purposively selected for the research. Total three villages were randomly selected from each selected talukas and 10 farmers were randomly selected from each village. Thus, total sample size was 120 farmers. The relationship was studied by statistical tool coefficient of correlation. The study revealed that out of total 14 selected characteristics in term of variables, two variables, i.e. extension participation and yield index were positively and highly significantly associated with the level of adoption. Age and size of land holding were the variables which non- significantly associated, while remaining all the variables i.e. education, farm experience, social participation, annual income, mass media exposure, innovativeness, scientific orientation, risk orientation, irrigation potentiality and cropping intensity had positive and significant association with chickpea growers’ level of adoption about recommended chickpea production technology.

Keyword: Chickpea growers; Level of adoption; Production technology; Relationship; Coefficient of correlation

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